March 30, 2007

Lanny Davis on Fred Thompson

Everyone remembers Lanny, the lil Bill Clinton schmuck, now a Hill shill, has been thrown out by the former Royal Family to throw all 'enemies' under the bus. But he is scared. Not by Mitt. Not by Rudy. Not by McClain......... But by FRED:

So let me just limit my positive comments by saying: He is authentic and powerfully smart and very fair.

I hope he isn’t the GOP nominee because he would be very difficult to beat — although my candidate, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.), and he, if they were the Democratic and Republican nominees, respectively, would ensure a great and high level of debate on the issues, rather than “gotcha” attacks back and forth that both of them, I am certain, completely reject.

So Sen. Thompson — you can say that I strongly disagree with you because you are too conservative and am supporting Sen. Clinton. But honestly: I think an awful lot of Democrats and independents would share with me their high level of respect for you, as well as their concern that you may be the most difficult Republican to beat in November 2008.

This isn't a nefarious plot, it is respect, that the enemy has for the man who should be Prez.

UPDATE: And Margaret Carlson 'drools'.

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