March 22, 2007

A German Judge Cites Koran in Divorce Case

Whoever captioned the headline above, to this article, really does the story a disservice.

Luckily, the blogosphere has Pamela of Atlas Shrugs to capture the true outrage:


He beat her and threatened her with murder. But because husband and wife were both from Morocco, a German divorce court judge saw no cause for alarm. It's a religion thing, she argued.

The Koran seems to have become the basis for a court decision in Frankfurt.The case seems simply too strange to be true. A 26-year-old mother of two wanted to free herself from what had become a miserable and abusive marriage. The police had even been called to their apartment to separate the two -- both of Moroccan origin -- after her husband got violent in May 2006. The husband was forced to move out, but the terror continued: Even after they separated, the spurned husband threatened to kill his wife.

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Blogger Fyremandoug said...

You Know what if that happened at MY house Mrs Fyreman would have pulled out her little 38 and shot the bad closed

Fri Mar 23, 11:01:00 AM  
Blogger barista grazioso said...

That was my first thought Fyreman. Shoot the bastard. Abused no more. Any man who laid a hand on me would end up very, very sorry, religion or no.

I hate to say it, but our political correctness/tolerance running amock is going to bring this crap over here sometime soon.

Fri Mar 23, 02:14:00 PM  
Blogger Myra Langerhas said...

I like to think we are more sane here but am usually confronted by the fact that we probably aren't.

Fri Mar 23, 04:28:00 PM  

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