January 19, 2007

MSM awakens from slumber. Finds Jihad...

and, of course, blames it on America. From Christiane Amanpour:

When we reported the unprecedented suicide bombings of the London underground trains and buses in 2005, we were shocked beyond words that young British Muslims, born and bred here, would go to that extreme.

To most Americans, the threshold to be 'shocked' moved a wee bit higher when the World Trade Center crumbled, but Ms. Amanpour must have missed the memo on that. I won't try and diminish all of the brave reporting she has done through the years, oftentimes in the most dangerous places in the world, but her deliberate ignorance of militant Islam is appalling.

But of course, as ever, this radicalism is wholly the fault of the U.S. and Britain:

What struck us most was how deeply the Iraq war has radicalized today's generation of young Muslims in Britain. Whether extreme or mainstream, they are angry about the war, angry that their country so devotedly follows U.S. foreign policy, angry at what they see as a worldwide war against Muslims and Islam.


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