October 11, 2006

Ode to the Yankees

Awwwww fuck the Yankees. The Mike Francessa suck off brigade. Blame Joe Torre that your players consistently choke. Blame Joe Torre that your old, overpaid all-stars dont perform. Whine about Randy's bad back - it was such a secret when he was 40 when you signed him. Four World Series victories but with all you have had you are still LOSERS. The team that was supposed to challenge the 1927 Yankees looked more like the 1981 Mets. Gimme Doug Flynn before ARod.

Just remember, baseball is about heart, and your team has shown none of it.


Blogger Craig H said...

Impressive! Nice Font display!...my sentiments exactly.

Wed Oct 11, 11:00:00 AM  
Blogger barista grazioso said...

I too am tickled pink that they lost. But I do have to say, the Yanks are fun to have a few cocktails with.

Sat Oct 14, 10:51:00 AM  

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