October 04, 2006

John Broderick Hehman Update

Some background here and here. Two of the four barely pubescent thugs yelled "Get Whitey" then set upon young John Broderick Hehman, began beating him mercilessly with punches to his head then chasing him into the path of a speeding car, where he lost his life have been sentenced:
Two of the four teens charged for the murder of an NYU student last spring have been sentenced to 18 months in a state detention facility for juveniles.

Denzell Fell and Humberto Guzman, both 14, pleaded guilty this past summer to the murder of Broderick John “JB” Hehman after they had chased him into the street last April. Hehman was hit by a car and died three days later.
Fell, who was sentenced yesterday in New York City Family Court by Judge Mary Bednar, will serve his sentence with the Office of Children and Family Services, city officials said. Last month Guzman was also sentenced to serve 18 months.

Fell’s attorney, Daniel Gotlin, said his client will probably only have to serve less than a year of his sentence due to his good behavior throughout the process thus far.
Apparently there were mitigating circumstances in the case which I was unaware of:
“He doesn’t get in trouble while he’s incarcerated, he goes to school and does well in school.”
I guess the city can feel safe when this animal once again prowls the streets.
Animal number 2 is equally guiltless:
“Unfortunately, Denzell got caught up in the situation,” he said. “It’s a tragic thing that happened. This is just a 13-year-old kid who’s just a baby. He’s really repentant.”
The punishment of John Broderick Hehmans for going into the black community to help some homeless people - DEATH.
The punishment of animals that beat an innocent man senseless and caused his death - A COUPLE OF MONTHS IN JUVEY.


Anonymous Kate said...

I understand that you are upset that the young men were given such short terms, but I don't see how you can believe that their crime was at the level of first degree murder (requiring both intent and malice). This would seem to be a pretty clear case of second degree or manslaughter and as they are juveniles they should be given reduced sentences.

What you should be upset about is that this was not charged as a hate crime.

Sat Oct 07, 02:29:00 AM  
Blogger Myra Langerhas said...

Kate, again thanks for the comment. I wholeheartedly agree this should have been charged as a hate crime. I dont think I aregued that first degree murder was the correct charge and agree that manslaughter sentence would have been the appropriate penalty. The "Get whitey" anthem they recited makes that abundantly clear. There is provision to charge minors as adults and I think that should have been pursued here. The fact remains, an innocent is dead and the perpetrators will soon again prowl the streets. That is by no means justice.

Sun Oct 08, 08:31:00 PM  
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