February 23, 2006

Never Again. Give Email a Chance

It is horrible to know that a few rogue hackers can silence Michelle Malkin, if only for a few hours. She has done such great work in pioneering the blogosphere by exposing the Left and shedding light upon the horrors of Islamic fanaticism, while the MSM cowers in Dhimmi fear.

I don't believe that neither her fine words, nor the fine words of any bloggers working for these causes should ever be silenced again. We have the technology and the means to get the words out of anyone under such an attack. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, and very liberally, "the blogosphere is so vast and resilient, that showers of arrows may be shot in vain". But every time an arrow is shot and a blog goes down, the arrow was not shot in vain. It is a loss suffered by all of us. And by all indications, this problem will only worsen. Right now it seems limited to a single blog here and there but there is no reason to believe that these attacks, when better coordinated and more organized, can stifle significantly more sites.

My idea is a simple one. I suggest that bloggers, especially those who have found themselves under attack, create a list of email addresses of non-Dhimmi, non-Idiotarian bloggers they know of. In the event they cannot post and believe they are the victim of such an attack, simply email whatever column or posting they intended to make to their list. The bloggers in turn would, of course, post the column on their blog. Due to the nature of this medium, their words would be available most everywhere on the sphere, (save China and the UAE, of course). The intentions of the freedom haters would be almost immediately destroyed.

As the problem grows, so would the solution, and our powerful realm of communication would be all the more stronger for it.

Just a suggestion. What do you think?


Blogger Craig H said...

A good idea. The Pajamas Media and its website could easily handle that kind of problem.

Thu Feb 23, 09:00:00 PM  
Blogger Myra Langerhas said...

Yeah, I have run it up the flagpole at a few places including Pajamas. Maybe somebody will bite.

Thu Feb 23, 09:14:00 PM  
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