February 07, 2006

Hijab Hijinxs

Steered from the Religion of Peace


Tehran, 3 Feb. (AKI) - Judicial authorities in the central Iranian city of Isfahan have announced that women state employees who fail to wear the Islamic hijab or head scarf, face lashing as punishment. Isfahan's director general for Judicial Authority, Mohammad Ansari, apparently wants to apply to the letter an article in Iran's penal code stipulating 74 lashes for women who do not dress according to Islamic law including wearing the chador, the black veil that covers women from head to toe.

My question is, how do they arrive at that number? Was Ahmadinejad huddled up in some back room with a few of his aides smoking huqqa pipes when Ahmed, an Iranian moderate suggested "30 lashes." Mohammad, a hard-liner with strong ties to the Burkha industry angrily retorts, "Blasphemer, how dare you insult the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, with your tolerance and understanding, 97 lashes if a single lash." Mahmoud, the Great Compromiser and world's most successful Jew-hater says, "Settle down, settle down, 74 lashes is a fair number, let us agree. We must remember that the women must be available for our needs."

I make light of a grizzly practice and brutality which should shock the conscience and should not be tolerated. I do so out of ignorance. I will never understand how a woman can be repeatedly caned for her outfit. Nor do I see how cartoons could inspire hatred, arson and murder. If Islam is truly a Religion of Peace, the greates disrespect done to it has by been by cretins described in this article.


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