February 06, 2006

A Trolling I Did Go.....

…to get some reaction from the Left about Cartoon Outrage. Apparently it must not be important to them because the silence, for the most part, is deafening. Little Green Footballs lets us know that they have their own little Jihad they are working on.

Tigerhawk led me to a thread at AMERICAblog (boy those lefties exploit their patriotism don’t they). Lets listen in.

Constant has a little problem keeping his focus:

If you want to know why the issues of "cartoons" is important, and the connection to the US -- you need to watch the NSA hearings next week: They'll shed llight [sic] on the President's rebellion against the Constitution.

Ed Deevy’s wisdom thrills us all;

I don't think any good purpose can be served by demonizing Muslims...

Angie reminds of all of the Christian inspired head lopping on the home front;

The other way to look at it is, not only do muslims have to live by the rules they set for themselves but so does the rest of the world.
Funny isn't that what people are trying to do here? Have their morality (based on their christianity) apply to the nation.

Buford sustains the profound analogy:

JOSH - your comment "These are people who do not acknowledge cultural differences or the legitimacy of dissent and disagreement..." could apply to a more than a few Christians that I know.

I have to admit, some of the posters rightly challenge the President for his relative silence on the issue. Some of the posters, in honest, sober judgment got it completely right.


This is ridiculous, in a free society there is no such thing as the right to have your religion be "respected" by other people. Yes, it would be great if people actually respected each others views, but unfortunately we don't live in that kind of world.
The law only can go so far as to protect you from discrimination on the basis of your religion, and make sure you are treated equally before the law. There is however NO "right to not be offended"! That is the nature of a free society.

If you weight that against the fundamental right of freedom of the press, there is simply no contest.

Likewise Lynx:

Tasteless? Probably. But unless it openly advocates violence (like many anti-american or anti-jew cartoons in the muslim world BTW) deal with it. Freedom of speech is allowing all voices, not just the nice ones.

But the light bulb just didn’t go on for some. More brilliance from Ed:

Suggesting that Prophet Mohammed had a relationship with an animal is not funny. If a newspaper published a cartoon suggesting that Jesus was into bestiality I would be offended. The newspapers who published these cartoons knew they were offensive. What were they trying to prove? In my view, these editors and publishers are just a bunch of racist scumbags.

Apparently Ed must read only the Muslim papers because these cartoons have been thoroughly debunked elsewhere.

Some choice words over at Talkleft:

This situation might have cooled down by now if it weren't for the justifiable belief by many Muslims that Bush is leading the "West" in a war on Islam.


The cover of the pamplets showed a Star of David on a black and red background and said: "When you see this symbol..."

And the inside second page said:

"Remember what the Jews have done to our people." The page reviews World War I, for which the Jews are held responsible, then states: "Now for the first time, World Jewry openly says what it wants: 'Germany must die!'"
And now in 2006 The Philadelphia Inquirer is demonizing Muhammad? This is pure unadulterated racism.

I hope Philadelphians boycott them into insolvency, and give the editors free room and board. In Gitmo.

Do ya think this feller likes that ole time religion?

As far as christianity (lower case intentional - I refer here to the organized aspect, not honest spirituality) in America is concerned most professing of christianity is utter BS, or as it's been labelled here by many "faux christianity", and is used as cover and justification for as much or more life demeaning absolute immoral horror than any other organized religion, but that doesn't excuse other religions, Islam included. They all vye for the top spot in perpetrating horrors on the human race, like there is something to win by being more disgusting than the other guy?


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