August 04, 2007

Excellent smackdown to Soltz' obnoxious response to a SGT with a question at YKos

The fact is, CPT Soltz, who told the SGT to "stand down" and tactily threatened him with UCMJ action, wouldn’t know if the question were political or not until it had been asked. Instead, he sat up on his stage and used his commission to bully prior restraint on a Soldier.

And even if the question were political, that is not “engaging in politics, which has generally been interpreted to mean running for office or campaigning. Attending a political event is not included and if it were, the CPT would have been setting the SGT up for failure by not turning him out when he first showed up at the event.

The CPT is welcome to come have a “CPT to SGT” talk with me anytime he likes. If the SGT here didn’t teach him what a real NCO is like, I think I can manage.

He’s out of line and is misusing the regs for his own political purposes.

The CPT is a partisan hack using his military service as a shield from criticism. Period.

Signaleer brings up an obvious truth - why was the Sergeant berated before he even opened his mouth? LGF has the video. But curiously absent from the vid is a single word the Sgt said. They love the troops... until they speak.

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