April 17, 2007

Wonkette's Hypocrisy

Lisa de Pasquale, writing for Human Events, calls Ana Marie Cox, of Wonkette fame, to task for the double standards she exhibits in regards to Don Imus. On the one hand, she is so sel-righteously appalled by the boorish behavior of Imus and his cohorts:

“As the invites kept coming, I found myself succumbing to the clubhouse mentality that Imus both inspires and cultivates. Sure, I cringed at his and his crew's race-baiting (the Ray Nagin impersonations, the Obama jokes) and at the casual locker-room misogyny (Hillary Clinton's a ‘b****,’ CNN news anchor Paula Zahn is a ‘wrinkled old prune’), but I told myself that going on the show meant something beyond inflating my precious ego.”

Oh what an epiphanic moment it must have been for her. She had been so mercilessly seduced by the Cult of Imus, and now she was free. She was out of the gutter slinging mud with the boys.

De Pasquale reminds us of how much Cox feels at home in a mud pit:

Conservative women like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Katherine Harris and Michele Bachman have been insulted in the same vein by Wonkette. A picture of Ann Coulter speaking is captioned on Wonkette.com, “Nothin’ but Diet Coke, nicotine, and blow in her system.” A Wonkette “operative” asks if Michelle Malkin will be doing a sexual trick on her videoblog. Katherine Harris’s physical attributes (her “eyes” as Imus calls them) are discussed and she is called a “street whore.”

On the President, Wonkette writes, “We didn't accuse George Bush of being gay because he holds his hand in a ‘nelly way.’ We accused him of being gay because he likes ****.” And I’m supposed to believe this woman blushed when a couple old guys complimented her looks?


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