April 07, 2007

Mexico's Cultural Contributions to the U.S.

-the beloved burrito
-Cinco de Mayo
-drunk driving?????

In a revolting apologia, the authors of the following piece attribute Hispanic's disproportionately high rate of DUI's on, of course, loneliness. Pathetic.

Hispanic DWIs rooted in immigrants' culture
Lifestyle, isolation figure in driving drunk
Car accidents are the top killer of Hispanics in North Carolina, and the disproportionate number of alcohol-related arrests and wrecks are an embarrassment to a minority already beleaguered by hard feelings over illegal immigration.
Hispanic leaders are struggling to stem a problem that they say is rooted in the waves of young men who leave the calming influences of church and family to labor alone in a new country.

"It's difficult because you're trying to compete with the loneliness," said Tony Asion, public safety director for El Pueblo, an Hispanic advocacy group. "Then, as some learn, more come, and we start again."


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