April 10, 2007

Grim Reminder Alert

No, it wasn't the 4,00th American death in Iraq. It is the anniversary of a monumental victory in the Iraq War, the fall of Baghdad:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean today issue the following statement on the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad:

“Today’s anniversary is another grim reminder of the Bush Administration’s tragically incompetent conduct of the war in Iraq. Four years after the fall of Baghdad, the war that was supposed to be a ‘cakewalk’ has disintegrated into a civil war with our brave men and women in uniform stuck in the middle. Americans now know that President Bush and his Republican allies did not have a clear plan when they misled our nation into this war, nor do they have a clear plan to get our troops out of it. They sent our soldiers into battle without proper body armor, equipment or training, and forced our wounded heroes to recover in disgraceful conditions at Walter Reed and other veterans' hospitals across the country.

Can someone buy the authors of the Democratic talking points a thesaurus