March 24, 2007

Saturday Night Lazy Ass Bloggin

Old Ben Gardner didn't fare too well

I have always thought of Jaws as the perfect movie - direction, dialogue, acting, suspense. So, here are my favorite Jaws quotes, (which is basically everything Quint says plus a couple of others), courtesy of IMDB:

Quint: Y'all know me. Know how I earn a livin'. I'll catch this bird for you, but it ain't gonna be easy. Bad fish. Not like going down to the pond and chasing bluegills and tommycocks. This shark, swallow you whole. No shakin', no tenderizin', down you go. And we gotta do it quick, that'll bring back your tourists, put all your businesses on a payin' basis. But it's not gonna be pleasant. I value my neck a lot more than three thousand bucks, chief. I'll find him for three, but I'll catch him, and kill him, for ten. But you've gotta make up your minds. If you want to stay alive, then ante up. If you want to play it cheap, be on welfare the whole winter. I don't want no volunteers, I don't want no mates, there's too many captains on this island. Ten thousand dollars for me by myself. For that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing.
Mayor Vaughn: Fellows, let's be reasonable, huh? This is not the time or the place to perform some kind of a half-assed autopsy on a fish... And I'm not going to stand here and see that thing cut open and see that little Kintner boy spill out all over the dock.
Quint: [trying to hurry Brody into the boat] Come on Chief, this isn't no boy scout picnic. See ya' got ya' rubbers! [Quint laughs wildly]
Quint: Here lies the body of Mary Lee; died at the age of a hundred and three. For fifteen years she kept her virginity; not a bad record for this vicinity.
Quint: [seeing Hooper's equipment] What are you? Some kind of half-assed astronaut? [examining the shark cage]
Quint: Jesus H Christ, when I was a boy, every little squirt wanted to be a harpooner or a sword fisherman. What d'ya have there - a portable shower or a monkey cage?
Hooper: Anti-Shark cage.
Quint: Anti-shark cage. You go inside the cage? [Hooper nods]
Quint: Cage goes in the water, you go in the water. Shark's in the water. Our shark. [sings] Quint: Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu, you ladies of Spain. For we've received orders for to sail back to Boston. And so nevermore shall we see you again.
Quint: You wanna drink? Drink to your leg.
Hooper: I'll drink to your leg.
Quint: Okay, so we drink to our legs!
Quint: Back home we got a taxidermy man. He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him.


Blogger Aaron said...

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Sun Mar 25, 11:00:00 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Jaws is the perfect movie. Good call.

You might remember me as ohio4rudy ( for checking out the post and comment (rudy wins major ohio straw poll). Of course I disagree with your comment, thinking that Rudy has already excited the base, but thanks for viewing anyway.

Sun Mar 25, 11:04:00 AM  
Blogger Myra Langerhas said...

I appreciate that Aaron. If Fred doesn't enter the race, Rudy is still my guy.

Sun Mar 25, 03:04:00 PM  

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