March 16, 2007

Fred Thompson Update

"Draft Fred" PAC being announced today

Michael - I wanted to give you the heads up. The official "Draft Fred Thompson 2008" political committee is being filed with the F.E.C. as we speak and will be announced sometime tomorrow. It is being set up as an unauthorized/non-connected 527 committee and will serve as a vehicle for supporters from across the country to express their desire to see Senator Thompson run.

Momentum builds, Myra smiles. :)

***UPDATE*** Dan Riehl is encouraged by a Thompson call in to a radio show this morning.

***UPDATE DEUX*** Congresman Zach Wamp gives us 10 reasons why Thompson is the man:

1. He personifies strength and trust - the two primary characteristics people look for in a President.

2. He is a natural leader - let's face it. Some politicians are but most are not.

3. He is a consistent conservative - from national security and second amendment rights to the sanctity of life and traditional marriage, Fred is a strong conservative.

4. He has charisma - in the Senate they call it "gravitas." At home it's just plain old confidence. Fred knows who he is, where he came from and where we, as a nation, should go together.

5. He has plenty of experience - not a career politician, but from cleaning up government corruption to chairing select committees on Chinese missile technology, Fred Thompson has the right amount of experience.

6. He is highly electable - Fred Thompson has always been likeable. From the movie set to the Senate floor, he is just "good ol' Fred" to everyone he comes in contact with.

7. He has "star quality" - let's face it, we are at the height of the information age. The media overdoes it so someone who is media friendly and has some celebrity is advantaged.

8. He has a great sense of humor - during the difficult times in which we live, we need a touch of humor. Fred is serious minded but does not take himself too seriously.

9. He is comfortable in his own skin - What you see is what you get. Fred Thompson is the real deal and it shows.

10. He is a Tennessean - perhaps the biggest plus of all and sorry y' have to be one to really understand.

This Dawg must take issue with number 10, but batting .900 aint too shabby.

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