March 29, 2006

A World with Borders and without Free Inquiry

Hat tip to the Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Borders and Walden Books have decided not to carry Free Inquiry, a magazine currently publishing the Danish cartoons.

"For us, the safety and security of our customers and employees is a top priority, and we believe that carrying this issue could challenge that priority," Borders Group Inc. spokeswoman Beth Bingham said Wednesday.
Cowards should not be in the business of selling books. The editor-in-chief of Free Inquiry puts it succinctly and correctly:

"What is at stake is the precious right of freedom of expression," said Paul Kurtz, editor-in-chief of Free Inquiry. "Cartoons often provide an important form of political satire ... To refuse to distribute a publication because of fear of vigilante violence is to undermine freedom of press _ so vital for our democracy."
Remember this before your walk into one of their trendy lounges.


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